The auto accessories Trade Show brings together the manufacturers and trading companies with the highest quality and the largest quantity of tires, wheels and related products in China. At the exhibition, you can face-to-face contact with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers to realize your purchase demand.

Auto accessories are the various units of the whole car and a kind of product serving the car.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the auto parts processing market, the popularity of the concept of environmental protection, and the continuous upgrading and application of technology, the international auto parts processing industry has shown the following development characteristics in recent years:

① the trend of auto parts processing system matching and modular supply is in the ascendant.

② globalization of auto parts processing and purchasing.

③ the transfer speed of auto parts processing industry is accelerated.

There are many kinds of auto parts. Nowadays, there are more and more brands and types of auto parts. The automobile can be divided into passenger car and commercial vehicle. The passenger car refers to the vehicle with less than nine seats (including driver's seat) for the main purpose of carrying passengers. Specifically, passenger cars are divided into basic passenger cars, namely cars, MPV models, SUV models and other models such as pickup trucks.

With the improvement of people's living standards, people are consuming more and more cars, and the market of auto parts is becoming larger and larger. In recent years, auto parts manufacturers are also developing rapidly.

Visiting Procedure

Visiting Procedure

Tire is one of the auto parts, so how to choose tire?

Step 1: know your driving conditions and driving habits, and choose the tires that meet your needs and driving style to replace your original tires.

Tire is a comprehensive commodity, and there will be mutual restriction among various performances. If you want to pursue handling, you can choose the single guide tire, but this kind of tire may have a lot of noise; if you most value comfort, you can choose the tire with large and small pattern blocks scattered, which has a good shock absorption effect, but will sacrifice a certain handling.

Step 2: clear your vehicle tire size and specification, make sure your new tire is the same as before, and the speed level and load index are not lower than before.

Step 3: decide where to buy tires. In addition to the 4S shop, there are many car service centers and tire shops.

Select tire step 4: tire installation. Most authorized tire stores provide tire installation and related automobile maintenance services. Advanced equipment and professional service personnel are important guarantee for safe driving of vehicles.

Step 5 of tire selection: regular tire transposition can ensure uniform tire wear and bring longer mileage. At the same time, all tyres can be replaced at the same time.

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