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Tire Products

all kinds of vehicle tires, tire manufacturing and design, tire parts and accessories, tires refurbished and tire-related products  

Wheel Products

steel wheel, aluminum wheel, production materials and equipment

Rubber Tire Equipment

complete sets of equipment for tire manufacturing and testing, stand-alone, technology, molds etc.

Tire Retreading Equipment and Material 

tire repair materials, repair mold, repair extrusion machines, tread, frame repair etc.

Rubber Raw Materials

natural rubber, synthetic rubber, reclaimed rubber, carbon black, various additives, fillers, matrix materials etc.

Auto Maintenance Equipment 

repairing equipment, maintenance equipment, testing equipment and tools

Auto Accessory

system of chassis, braking, driving, steering, body and parts, car glass, electronic system, exhaust system, air conditioner and cooling equipment, equipment and technology about auto parts making, auto tuning and parts


lubrication oil, rubber tire and auto parts industry professional journals, magazines and media

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