Regarding the regular maintenance of tires, the auto accessories fair today gives you a brief introduction to two aspects, one is about the tire balance problem, and the other is about the valve.

First, the tire balance: What should I know?

A. What is that?

Sometimes the tire and rim assembly weight is unevenly distributed around the wheel after the tire is installed.

If one side of the wheel is lighter on one side, it loses its balance. This can cause beating or shaking, reducing tread life, increasing vibration and causing stress on the vehicle. Tire balance can make up for the difference in weight and ensure the weight balance of the tire. Tire professionals add weight to the tires as needed to achieve tire balance.

B. When should the tires be balanced?

When changing tires

When the balance block is moved or removed

When buying new tires

C. How to adjust the balance of the tire?

When balancing the tires, the mechanic uses a balancing machine to determine the position of the weight.

Then, the weights are embedded in the inner and outer rims of the rim to balance the centrifugal force at the position where the tire is rotated.

D. Any suggestions?

If you feel beating, shaking, or vibrating, consult a tire professional immediately.

Second, the valve: What should I know?

A. What is the role of the valve?

Ensure that the tires maintain proper air pressure

Prevent moisture from entering the inside of the tire.

The valve cap is very important to prevent particles such as dust from blocking the valve. It is recommended to use a good quality valve cap.

B. Aging and damage

The valve is usually made of rubber and ages over time.

High-speed driving can damage the valve and cause the tire to leak.

C. When do you change the valve?

When buying new tires.

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