Winter driving skills shared by China auto accessories Trade Fair.

Winter driving can be very challenging. We've prepared some tips that will give you peace of mind and ease when driving in winter.

Preparation for winter driving:

Winter driving, preparation is very important. In order to cope with the possible difficulties encountered in winter driving, it is recommended to prepare the following tools in the car or in an accessible location:

Battery cabling

Snow shovel

First aid kit

Basic tool kit (screwdriver, wrench, pliers, cutter, etc.)

The flashlight

Mobile phone


Auto parts Trade Fair

Winter driving tips:

Auto wheel  show shares that one important thing to remember when driving in winter is to maintain good visibility. Remove all snow and ice from vehicles before departure.

To clean from the top, remember to clean the roof, windshield, hood, trunk, taillights and mirrors. Once you're done, you can hit the road, but be sure to remember the following tips:

Drive slowly. The speed should conform to the weather conditions.

Always plan ahead and anticipate dangerous driving conditions, areas and streets.

Brake properly. Sometimes, lift your foot off the accelerator and let the car slow down naturally to prevent skidding. Also, brake ahead of time before entering the curve, not in the curve.

Be careful of other vehicles on the road. Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you gives you more reaction time.

Turn on lights and wipers when driving in snowy or poor visibility conditions.

Drive smoothly and avoid sudden braking and turning.

Turn on your lights early enough to allow other vehicles time to respond to your intentions.

Auto parts Trade Fair says that if your vehicle has an anti-lock brake system, be familiar with the system. Applying steady pressure on the brake pedal produces a pulsing sensation, which is normal.

If driving on dangerous thin ice, remember to stay calm and steer properly. To avoid skidding, do not slam on the brakes, accelerate, or swerve. Instead, try to release the brakes and turn the steering wheel to the slippery side. If you oversteer, you will slide to the other side, and try to slowly turn back in the opposite direction.

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