The importance of four-wheel positioning shared by auto parts exhibition China.

1. Tires benefit a lot

Since it is called four-wheel positioning, the first tire must be a very big advantage. Finish four-wheel positioning, can let the tire and car body maintain the best Angle, improve grip and comfort is also guaranteed. Of course, if the vehicle in the occurrence of abnormal phenomenon and did not conduct four-wheel positioning, not only has a greater impact on safety, and the life of the tires will be greatly reduced. The price of a tire is probably several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan, if you do not care about the tire, will lose a lot of money.

2. Improve handling

The tire showed by auto accessories Trade Show maintains the normal condition, certainly to drive the safety to have the very good help. After four - wheel positioning adjustment, the driving maneuverability can be guaranteed. In particular, in case of emergency, sufficient grip of tires can be used as far as possible in accordance with the driving track of the driver. Although this is only an emergency, but driving itself has some dangers, if you can make the corresponding judgment at the time of danger approaching, I believe that your safety will be fully guaranteed.

auto parts exhibition China

3. Good fuel saving effect

It is obvious that fuel consumption decreases with the reduction of the rolling coefficient of tire friction. After the adjustment of four-wheel positioning, the vehicle can follow the correct track, reducing the wind resistance to a certain extent, and of course, the fuel consumption will also be reduced. Then with the standard tire pressure value, the tire can not only maintain the best grip effect, but also reduce the friction between the tire and the ground as far as possible, to achieve the effect of killing two with one stone.

4. Driving safety is guaranteed

Good tires are good, and safety will be greatly improved. In fact, after the four-wheel positioning adjustment, maintenance technicians will check the suspension system and other parts of the car, this kind of inspection can determine whether the tires have adverse effects on the chassis system. If found abnormal, not only to the tire optimization, and the chassis also do the corresponding repair, so that you can judge the wear degree of the corresponding parts through the tire, as early as possible to find safety hazards and thoroughly eliminate.

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