Ten steps to replace the spare tire for the vehicle shared by Auto Accessories Trade Show.

A puncture, a flat or a flat tire can cause the car to break down on the road. Many times you will find that when you don't need something, it will frequently appear in your vision, but when you desperately need it, but how to find it.

When you tire of gas in the process of the road, when you go to find a place to cheer or it is difficult to make up for the tyres, call for help, the time allowed, but if by chance on the highway, you will be more trouble, or your own, how to learn a skill, more a lot faster than for help, and in the spare tire is easy.

First, auto accessories exhibition shared that you need to find a safe place. When the tire is flat, the car can still drive, so, you want to drive the car to the side of the road, had better not change on the road, so as to avoid which "big head green" driving distracted to pick up on the road to repair the car you. Then, make sure you find the wrench for the jack, the tire nut and the spare tire. Collect all these, change the spare tire and start.

1) pull up the parking brake and pull it tight to prevent the car from moving forward and backward.

2) loosen the nut of the flat tire one by one with a wrench first, and generally loosen the nut by turning anticlockwise. Just loosen it, don't screw it off.

3) the jack, first find the steel fulcrum next to the flat tire, do not push on the lower edge of the door, the fulcrum is generally about 10 cm from the outer edge, make sure it is steel frame, put the jack on the following.

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4) raise the jack, pay attention to the lifting, the jack should be upright, do not tilt, or fall down after the car again.

5) after the flat tire is suspended, stop lifting the jack, and then use a wrench to loosen the nuts one by one.

6) hold the flat tire with both hands and take off the tire vigorously. If you can't get it out, you can flip the tire rim with your foot, the whole wheel becomes loose, and then take it off.

7) hold the spare tire and install it on the hub. Pay attention to that when installing it, the nut hole of the wheel should be aligned with the nut hole on the wheel horn. It takes some time.

8) then use the hand to screw in the tire nut, and then use the tire wrench to screw the nuts one by one in the end, no need to make great strength, as long as the end can be screwed.

9) after all the nuts are screwed to the end, slowly lower the jack and let the spare tire powder.

10) don't forget to tighten the nut with the tire wrench again. If you don't have a lot of strength, tighten it as hard as you can. If you're broad, use 80 percent of your strength.

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