Some of the most common mistakes car owners make shared by auto parts Trade Fair.

Car owners always take good care of their cars, but many car owners use the wrong way to maintain their cars. Compare and correct it quickly.

1. Too much oil

When the oil is insufficient, the bearing and journal will have poor lubrication, aggravating wear and even causing the burning of tile shaft accident. But the oil is too much, the engine will also be out of order, that is, in the work of the crankshaft handle, connecting rod large end will produce violent agitation, will increase the engine internal power loss, will also make the splash to the cylinder wall oil increase, the production of oil burning exhaust fault. Therefore, the oil should be controlled in the oil ruler between the upper and lower cut line.

2. Blindly like imported tires

Auto accessories Trade Show shares that some car friends particularly like the "imported" tires, but suitable for the European road conditions of tires in the home is often difficult to have a good performance, especially the side of the impact resistance is particularly "delicate", easy to cause the side of the tire bag. In fact, after the joint production of tires of many foreign brands in China, a layer of cord fabric is added to the side of tires according to the road conditions in China, thus increasing the impact resistance of tire side.

3. Increase the equipment in the car at will

Car owners for a mobile home, the pursuit of the car with comfortable and luxurious, but many owners like to add a variety of equipment in the car, this kind of modification, if not properly handled, will affect the performance of the car and control, easy to leave a hangover or affect driving safety.

auto parts Trade Fair

4. Washing the car in the sun hurts the paint

Car wash in the sun after the body will soon dry, but at the same time is easy to damage the car paint, because of the sun, water formed by the convex lens effect will make the top layer of car paint local high temperature phenomenon, time, car paint will lose luster. Car wash waxing had better be carried out in the condition that has shelter, or choose in overcast day or sunny morning, evening hour.

5. The water tank "pot" busy adding water

Water tank "boiling pot", many drivers worry about engine temperature rise again, immediately flameout add water. This is wrong. The correct method is: stop immediately, until the cooling water temperature decreases, and then the engine out. At this time if the cooling water shortage should be added slowly.

6. Long-term or short distance car

After the rise in car costs, many car owners began to drive less, and some only drive during holidays. In this way, the engine and transmission parts such as the gearbox surface will often be in direct contact with air and rust. The best way is to run for 30 or 40 minutes every few days. Additional, long - term short - distance car also easy injury car, should run long - distance at the right time.

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