The auto parts exhibition will share the ways to identify the pros and cons of the tire:

Check to see if the tires have been retreaded

Compared with brand tires, the biggest difference lies in wear resistance, and the most intuitive judgment method is: see, the tire tread appears blue, color and luster is more natural; Press and press the tread with your finger. If no fingermark remains, it meets the quality requirements. Tear, the rubber nail on the tread is not easy to break, and can immediately restore the original state after release; Scratch and run your fingernail across the tread. If no fingermarks are left, it meets the quality requirements.

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Second, tire identification and selection

1. If the outside edge of the tire has a large wear, it means that the tire is often in the state of insufficient inflation, that is, the pressure is not enough;

2. If the inner side of the tire is worn and the outer edge is burred, it indicates that the tire deformation and symmetry of the two tires have been affected;

3. If the two sides of the landing part of the tire are convex wear, and the peripheral wear is corrugated, it indicates that the car shock absorber, bearing and spherical coupling and other parts wear seriously;

4. If the center area of the landing part of the tire is worn seriously, it indicates that the tire is often in the state of over inflation;

5. If the tire pattern has been worn relatively smooth, you must change the tire, the life of the tire is officially over.

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