Forklift tires worn

As China international auto parts exhibition, today we will share you the wear in the use of forklift tires. 

There are six kinds of abnormal wear in the use of forklift tires: one is abnormal wear in the middle of tire crown; The second is abnormal wear on the shoulders of the crown. Third, the inner (or outer) side of the tire crown of the steering wheel is abnormal partial wear; Fourth, the crown was serrated wear; The sixth is partial wear of the tire crown. The main manifestations are uneven tread wear, delaminate between curtain layers, loose and broken cord and the resulting broken tire.

When a forklift truck is driving, the forces on each part of the tire are relatively complex: there are vertical reaction forces in the vertical direction, and longitudinal and transverse reaction forces in the tangent direction, so that the tire has relative slip in the whole or part in these directions, causing tread wear and deformation. The material fatigue is caused by tension and compression inside the matrix, and the strength is reduced. When the shear stress between the curtain layer exceeds the adsorption between the curtain layer and the rubber layer, the loose cord will occur. In the tire deformation, friction between the tire and the inner tire will also occur heat generation, part of the heat distributed in the air, the other part of the heat accumulation, leading to the tire temperature rise, performance decline, make tire abnormal wear increase, cause loose cord, broken and tire body rupture and other phenomena.

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