On April 20, China (guangrao) international rubber tire and auto parts exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the Tire Exhibition) was recommended by the trade promotion commission of shandong province to be selected as the "one province one exhibition" project.

Display of the "province" project is initiated by ccpit, mainly for the comprehensive promotion of the internationalization, specialization level of domestic exhibition, better use of the exhibition platform service industry economic development, local plan in each province only select a tabled exhibition sponsored by the ccpit (Po) will be included in the display of the "province" project, fully participate in the exhibition, lot, theme design, program design and construction, exhibition operation, etc. At present, shandong provincial council for the promotion of trade has completed the recommendation report and reported that there are altogether 4 exhibitions sponsored by the China council for the promotion of trade in shandong province, among which the tire exhibition held in our county stands out by its own strength and is recommended by the provincial council for the promotion of trade as the "one exhibition in one province" project.

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In the report, provincial, municipal ccpit put forward the following Suggestions: one is to support the establishment of the China international chamber of commerce in rubber tire industry committee, organizing national industry enterprises to carry out exchanges and cooperation and between the industry and other industries, the industry and the overseas business between the exchanges and cooperation, enhance mutual understanding between industry enterprises, help enterprises to better operates in the domestic and international market, the industry self-discipline, maintain the interests of the industry and the legitimate rights and interests. 2 it is the highest level of organization with the international rubber tire industry BBS, I will coordinate the originator, BBS committee, invite relevant departments, international industry association, member of the international and domestic authoritative experts, in the industry to attend the BBS, presided over by will in charge of the leadership, and every year, each year, to determine a theme, to promote the exhibition, continuously expand the exhibition and BBS visibility and influence. BBS is sponsored by shandong council for the promotion of trade and dongying municipal people's government.

This time is recommended to be selected into the "one province one exhibition" project, will bring new opportunities and power to the growth and development of tire exhibition. With the participation and guidance of ccpit, we will comprehensively improve the international and professional level of guangrao international tire exhibition and help it become an internationally renowned brand exhibition.

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